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Month: June 2020

Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Join Allan, this time on Zoom, presenting a Q&A with ITO (International Technical Official) and WBT (World Bowls Tour) colleague Dan Bluett talking all things bowls.

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Episode 6 – Amy Gowshall

Amy Gowshall has represented England all over the world, winning medals at World Championships and Commonwealth Games. Amy is the next guest on ‘The Extra End’ and discusses her experiences in the sport, whilst combining this with the challenges involved with family life and as a full-time teacher with Bowls International Editor Sian Honnor.

Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Allan held another Q&A session on 6th June. This time technology wasn’t kind and so Allan has recorded the following which covered the main points.

On Saturday 6th June, I did a Live Q&A session. Unfortunately, technology let me down a little and the first part of the stream was not great and had to be aborted.So you don’t miss out on the discussion, I have recorded the first part to cover the main topics areas. Individual questions that were answered from your live comments can be found on the live stream that is posted on my timeline.My apologies for the aborted live stream hopefully this will make up for it.

Posted by Allan Thornhill on Sunday, 7 June 2020

Restricted re-opening

Thanks to hard work by the Management Committee, green keeper and maintenance team the Club green only has opened for the first time this season. It may not be what we expected or hoped for for this season but, considering the situation just months ago, it is something. It is, for those willing and able to participate, an opportunity to get a little more exercise and meet, at a socially aware distance, friends.

Ian Gauld was one of the first to have a roll up and said “It felt wrong. We should be involved in so many matches now and I was up there on my own with everything shut up and barriered off.”

Here are some of his images from his visit:

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