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Month: January 2021

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Data Protection (GDPR)

Data Protection was identified as an area of concern by many of our member clubs in the recent surveys that we have carried out. We’re here to help eradicate any nervousness surrounding the laws and in our next episode of ‘The Extra End’, our Director of Development, Adam Tanner, advises clubs on the key parts of the current data protection laws that are relevant to our clubs. The short podcast is ideal for all club and county administrators, focusing on the laws from a bowls-specific view, and we hope that any concerns you may have can be eased.

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Episode 10 – Isaac Shieh

Hailing from New Zealand, but now based in London, Isaac Shieh bowls for Paddington Sports Club in London and is a talented musician; specialising in historical and contemporary performance.

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Episode 9 – Allan Thornhill

International Technical Official Allan Thornhill has travelled all over the world, officiating at many World Championships and Commonwealth Games. Allan is the next guest on ‘The Extra End’ and discusses his experiences in the sport with Bowls International Editor Sian Honnor.

Keep Safe and Keep Fit

As you may recall when we first had a lockdown last year Bowls England put a number of keep fit videos amongst their podcasts. For ease, these are available at the link below.

In addition, Jean Lambourne has kindly sent us the item below about relaxation. Admittedly it is aimed at schools but then we are all kids at heart!

“JUST” World Indoor Bowls Championships

Schedule of Matches

All matches will be screened on the World Bowls Tour Youtube and Facebook Page with the final week of matches being covered on BBC TV and through their Red Button feature and BBC Website.

Friday 8th January

10am: Ellen Falkner MBE & Greg Harlow v Damian Doubler & Daniel Salmon

2pm: Les Gillett & Jason Greenslade v Perry Martin & Wayne Willgress

3.30pm: Simon Skelton & Michael Stepney v Scott Edwards & Andrew Walters

7.30pm: Paul Foster MBE & Alex Marshall MBE v James Rippey & Darren Weir

Saturday 9th January

10am: Robert Paxton & Mark Royal v Devon Cooper & Andy Thomson MBE

2pm: Mark Dawes & Jamie Chestney v Jason Banks & Connor Milne

3.30pm: David Gourlay MBE & Mervyn King v Sam Barkley & Stuart Bennett

7.30pm: Katherine Rednall & Stewart Anderson v Jack Bird & Stuart Irwin

Sunday 10th January

10am: Skelton/Stepney or Edwards/Walters v Foster/Marshall or Rippey/Weir

2pm: Gourlay/King or Barkley/Bennett v Rednall/Anderson or Bird/Irwin

3.30pm: Falkner/Harlow or Doubler/Salmon v Gillet/Greenslade or Martin/Willgress

7.30pm: Paxton/Royal or Cooper/Thomson v Dawes/Chestney or Banks/Milne

Monday 11th January

10am: Simon Skelton v Connor Milne

2pm: Open Pairs Semi Final 1

7.30pm: Open Pairs Semi Final 2

Tuesday 12th January

10am: Mervyn King v Ellen Falkner MBE

2pm: Mark Dawes v Darren Weir

3.30pm: Les Gillett v Perry Martin

7.30pm: Mark Royal v Damian Doubler

Wednesday 13th January

10am: Michael Stepney v Wayne Willgress

2pm: Paul Foster MBE v Sam Barkley

3.30pm: Stewart Anderson v Andrew Walters

7.30pm: Jamie Chestney v Daniel Salmon

Thursday 14th January

10am: Julie Forrest v Jason Banks

2pm: Greg Harlow v Andy Thomson MBE

7.30pm: David Gourlay MBE v Scott Edwards

Friday 15th January

10am: Mervyn King & Marion Purcell v Robert Paxton & Carla Banks

2pm: David Gourlay MBE & Katherine Rednall v Greg Harlow & Rebecca Willgress

3.30pm: Mark Dawes & Ellen Falkner MBE v  Stewart Anderson & Julie Forrest

7.30pm: Paul Foster MBE & Laura Daniels v Les Gillett & Devon Cooper

Saturday 16th January

10am: Alex Marshall MBE v James Rippey

2pm: Katherine Rednall v Stuart Irwin

3.30pm Marion Purcell v Rebecca Willgress

7.30pm: Laura Daniels v Carla Banks

Sunday 17th January

10am: Jason Greenslade v Stuart Bennett

2pm: Mixed Pairs Semi Final 1

3.30pm: Mixed Pairs Semi Final 2

Monday 18th January

10am: Julie Forrest v Devon Cooper


3pm: Robert Paxton v Jack Bird

7.30pm: Katherine Rednall v Ellen Falkner MBE

Tuesday 19th January

10am: L Gillett or P Martin v M Royal or D Doubler


3pm: M King or E Falkner v M Dawes or D Weir

7.30pm: M Stepney or W Willgress v P Foster or S Barkley

Wednesday 20th January

10am: S Anderson or A Walters v J Chestney or D Salmon

1pm: Ladies Singles Semi Final 1

3pm: R Paxton or J Bird v S Skelton or C Milne

7.30pm: Ladies Singles Semi Final 2

Thursday 21st January

10am: J Forrest or J Banks v G Harlow or A Thomson MBE


3pm: A Marshall or J Rippey v K Rednall or S Irwin

7.30pm: D Gourlay or S Edwards v J Greenslade or S Bennett

Friday 22nd January

10am: Open Singles Quarter Final 1

1pm: Open Singles Quarter Final 2

3pm: Open Singles Quarter Final 3

7.30pm: Open Singles Quarter Final 4

Saturday 23rd January

1pm: Open Singles Semi Final 1

3pm: Open Singles Semi Final 2

Sunday 24th January


All match times are provisional and could be changed as a result of broadcast partners

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