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THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Data Protection (GDPR)

Data Protection was identified as an area of concern by many of our member clubs in the recent surveys that we have carried out. We’re here to help eradicate any nervousness surrounding the laws and in our next episode of ‘The Extra End’, our Director of Development, Adam Tanner, advises clubs on the key parts of the current data protection laws that are relevant to our clubs. The short podcast is ideal for all club and county administrators, focusing on the laws from a bowls-specific view, and we hope that any concerns you may have can be eased.

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Episode 10 – Isaac Shieh

Hailing from New Zealand, but now based in London, Isaac Shieh bowls for Paddington Sports Club in London and is a talented musician; specialising in historical and contemporary performance.

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Episode 9 – Allan Thornhill

International Technical Official Allan Thornhill has travelled all over the world, officiating at many World Championships and Commonwealth Games. Allan is the next guest on ‘The Extra End’ and discusses his experiences in the sport with Bowls International Editor Sian Honnor.

Keep Safe and Keep Fit

As you may recall when we first had a lockdown last year Bowls England put a number of keep fit videos amongst their podcasts. For ease, these are available at the link below.

In addition, Jean Lambourne has kindly sent us the item below about relaxation. Admittedly it is aimed at schools but then we are all kids at heart!

“JUST” World Indoor Bowls Championships

Schedule of Matches

All matches will be screened on the World Bowls Tour Youtube and Facebook Page with the final week of matches being covered on BBC TV and through their Red Button feature and BBC Website.

Friday 8th January

10am: Ellen Falkner MBE & Greg Harlow v Damian Doubler & Daniel Salmon

2pm: Les Gillett & Jason Greenslade v Perry Martin & Wayne Willgress

3.30pm: Simon Skelton & Michael Stepney v Scott Edwards & Andrew Walters

7.30pm: Paul Foster MBE & Alex Marshall MBE v James Rippey & Darren Weir

Saturday 9th January

10am: Robert Paxton & Mark Royal v Devon Cooper & Andy Thomson MBE

2pm: Mark Dawes & Jamie Chestney v Jason Banks & Connor Milne

3.30pm: David Gourlay MBE & Mervyn King v Sam Barkley & Stuart Bennett

7.30pm: Katherine Rednall & Stewart Anderson v Jack Bird & Stuart Irwin

Sunday 10th January

10am: Skelton/Stepney or Edwards/Walters v Foster/Marshall or Rippey/Weir

2pm: Gourlay/King or Barkley/Bennett v Rednall/Anderson or Bird/Irwin

3.30pm: Falkner/Harlow or Doubler/Salmon v Gillet/Greenslade or Martin/Willgress

7.30pm: Paxton/Royal or Cooper/Thomson v Dawes/Chestney or Banks/Milne

Monday 11th January

10am: Simon Skelton v Connor Milne

2pm: Open Pairs Semi Final 1

7.30pm: Open Pairs Semi Final 2

Tuesday 12th January

10am: Mervyn King v Ellen Falkner MBE

2pm: Mark Dawes v Darren Weir

3.30pm: Les Gillett v Perry Martin

7.30pm: Mark Royal v Damian Doubler

Wednesday 13th January

10am: Michael Stepney v Wayne Willgress

2pm: Paul Foster MBE v Sam Barkley

3.30pm: Stewart Anderson v Andrew Walters

7.30pm: Jamie Chestney v Daniel Salmon

Thursday 14th January

10am: Julie Forrest v Jason Banks

2pm: Greg Harlow v Andy Thomson MBE

7.30pm: David Gourlay MBE v Scott Edwards

Friday 15th January

10am: Mervyn King & Marion Purcell v Robert Paxton & Carla Banks

2pm: David Gourlay MBE & Katherine Rednall v Greg Harlow & Rebecca Willgress

3.30pm: Mark Dawes & Ellen Falkner MBE v  Stewart Anderson & Julie Forrest

7.30pm: Paul Foster MBE & Laura Daniels v Les Gillett & Devon Cooper

Saturday 16th January

10am: Alex Marshall MBE v James Rippey

2pm: Katherine Rednall v Stuart Irwin

3.30pm Marion Purcell v Rebecca Willgress

7.30pm: Laura Daniels v Carla Banks

Sunday 17th January

10am: Jason Greenslade v Stuart Bennett

2pm: Mixed Pairs Semi Final 1

3.30pm: Mixed Pairs Semi Final 2

Monday 18th January

10am: Julie Forrest v Devon Cooper


3pm: Robert Paxton v Jack Bird

7.30pm: Katherine Rednall v Ellen Falkner MBE

Tuesday 19th January

10am: L Gillett or P Martin v M Royal or D Doubler


3pm: M King or E Falkner v M Dawes or D Weir

7.30pm: M Stepney or W Willgress v P Foster or S Barkley

Wednesday 20th January

10am: S Anderson or A Walters v J Chestney or D Salmon

1pm: Ladies Singles Semi Final 1

3pm: R Paxton or J Bird v S Skelton or C Milne

7.30pm: Ladies Singles Semi Final 2

Thursday 21st January

10am: J Forrest or J Banks v G Harlow or A Thomson MBE


3pm: A Marshall or J Rippey v K Rednall or S Irwin

7.30pm: D Gourlay or S Edwards v J Greenslade or S Bennett

Friday 22nd January

10am: Open Singles Quarter Final 1

1pm: Open Singles Quarter Final 2

3pm: Open Singles Quarter Final 3

7.30pm: Open Singles Quarter Final 4

Saturday 23rd January

1pm: Open Singles Semi Final 1

3pm: Open Singles Semi Final 2

Sunday 24th January


All match times are provisional and could be changed as a result of broadcast partners

Newsletter – “2 Wide 2 Heavy”

It’s been a quiet year on the bowls front, as well as in many other areas to be honest. However, at Olveston we did manage to play a little bowls, albeit mainly roll-ups and a couple of internal Club competitions.
Here we have our Newsletter, edited by our Secretary Nigel Cloke, rounding up the events of the year with the help of a number of officers of the Club, including our Chairman and President.
Oh, and if anybody wanted to take over the editing of the newsletter next season, I’m sure that Nigel would be happy to discuss it with you.

ODBC Finals Day

Well, Finals Weekend was a little slimmer than in previous years. Due to the events of the year we were reduced to the final games of the Covid Challenge and the Men’s and Ladies Championship.

The final round of the Covid Challenge was contested between Ian Barton, Chris Blake, Reg Muldoon and Alan Tregoning.
The winner was – Ian Barton

The Men’s Championship was contested between Ian Barton and Chris Blake.
The winner was – Chris Blake

The Ladies Championship was contested between Trish Barton and Sue Wilkins.
The winner was – Trish Barton

Well done to everybody who competed and gave us a a good 6 hours of bowls. There was a good crowd to enjoy the bowls, the beer and the companionship. Let’s hope that things can get back to normal (or a new normal) and that we can continue where we left off in 2019 and compete on many fronts and enjoy some good friendly bowls too.


The following is the Obituary published by Bowls England:

Bowls England is saddened to learn of the passing of the man regarded by many as the greatest lawn bowler of all time, David J. Bryant CBE, at the age of 88.

David won five Commonwealth Games gold medals, eleven World Outdoor Bowls Championship medals and nine titles at the World Indoor Championships during an illustrious career.

He was widely recognisable as the face of bowls and was renowned for using a tobacco pipe whilst playing. He was awarded the MBE and then CBE for services to lawn bowls.

David Tucker, Bowls England Board Chair, said: “David was an icon for many decades, whose name was synonymous with our sport. He was well-respected by all who knew him. I was fortunate to compete against David on the green on many occasions, often coming on the wrong end of the scoreline, but a match against him was always a pleasure and includes many memories that I will never forget. My thoughts are with David’s family and friends at this time.”

David claimed his first Commonwealth Games successes at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia, where he secured Gold in both the singles and fours. He went on to claim singles gold in 1970, 1974 and 1978.

He won the inaugural World Outdoor singles title at Kyeemagh, Australia, in 1966 and went on to win a further four gold medals at the World Outdoor Championships (two singles, one triples and one team), securing eleven medals in total (five gold, three silver, three bronze) between 1966 and 1988.

At the World Indoor Championships, David won no fewer than nine World Championships – three singles and six pairs titles with Tony Allcock OBE.

He also helped his county, Somerset, win the Middleton Cup on numerous occasions, as well as being crowned National Champion on 16 further occasions:

  • National Singles – 1960, 1966, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975
  • National Pairs – 1965, 1969, 1970
  • National Triples – 1966, 1977, 1985
  • National Fours – 1957, 1968, 1969, 1971

Bowls England sends its condolences to wife Ruth and the rest of David’s family and friends. His service to the sport will not be forgotten and he will be missed by many.

The following is Tony Allcock’s tribute:

It is clear that David John Bryant CBE had, in my opinion, uniqueness of inner strength above any individual when it came to playing this sport. He was 100 per cent focussed on the job in hand – call it blinkered if you like – but nothing would deter him.

Firstly, he designed a delivery for himself that no other player in living memory has utilised to the same effect.  He had unequalled conviction in his approach and focus. He really was undeterred and would never ever ‘lay down’ until he was beaten. Always consistent in body language and personality – he could laugh with the opponent and then immediately stand on the mat and deliver an absolute killer of a bowl.

In respect of technique his strength was, undoubtedly, the draw shot. This was closely followed by his drive – again unique in its execution with that recognisable self-designed statue that would immediately get the crowd buzzing when demonstrated.

There is one other attribute that made David a formidable opponent on natural greens (irrespective of which part of the world) – his fantastic ability to accept the limitations or otherwise of the rink. He had a tremendous perception of each of the playing hands and would dedicate concentration to this – more than most.

Anyone playing the card game of Solo (for money) with David would soon appreciate that whenever he called a hand you might as well pay there and then!

He is the greatest player that I have ever met for reading a green and I shall never forget when in 1988 in Aberdeen we stood on a bridge overlooking the River Dee, when David pointed out where the fish were situated. He obviously could read a flowing river as well as he could a green!

What is certain is that the DJB mould is unique. A man whose individuality within the sport bordered on eccentricity at times just adds to the fascination.

It was usual in all tournaments requiring accommodation for players to share a twin room – so invariably we were roommates. The morning prior to the commencement of the World Singles, I awoke to find David sitting on his bed with a bowl in hand. From the pile of five sets of bowls which he had stacked against the bathroom wall he had taken a brand new set out from their wrappings and then proceeded to deliver them up and down the bedroom carpet. Whilst I was still wiping the sleep from my eyes I saw David using sand paper on these new bowls. After I realised it wasn’t a dream I asked him what was happening. He revealed that he liked the feel of these new bowls, which he was going to try in the World Championships, but thought the problem would be that they would be too shiny!

The most memorable match I ever saw was the World Singles Final in New Zealand in 1988 between Willie Wood and David. It was fair to say that Willie played the better bowls on that day but David, true to form, never gave up hope. He held on to a thread that was so fragile it was almost invisible but through applied determination combined with that platinum strength of character to overcome, he obstinately persisted. As a reward, in the final minutes, a miracle head change on the last end found David J Bryant the world champion again.

I certainly miss the smell of ‘Holland House’ – the aromatic pipe smoke which was so familiar to me when playing with him!

Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Join Allan with Katherine Rednall, winner of multiple titles, including World titles, the first of which she won when she was just 18. She is now only 24 and still winning. It was interesting to listen to somebody who is playing rather than another official. It’s good to get a player’s perspective on markers and umpires.

Q&A with Alan Thornhill

Join Allan with World Bowls Tour Deputy Tournament Director , Bowls Scotland Administration Team currently Competitions and Event Co-ordinator and Lawn Bowls Tour Technical Operations Manager at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

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