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Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Join Allan with Katherine Rednall, winner of multiple titles, including World titles, the first of which she won when she was just 18. She is now only 24 and still winning. It was interesting to listen to somebody who is playing rather than another official. It’s good to get a player’s perspective on markers and umpires.

Q&A with Alan Thornhill

Join Allan with World Bowls Tour Deputy Tournament Director , Bowls Scotland Administration Team currently Competitions and Event Co-ordinator and Lawn Bowls Tour Technical Operations Manager at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Episode 8 – John Bell

Sian Honnor talks to World Bowls President, John Bell


Bowls England’s recently appointed Chief Executive, Jon Cockcroft, gives his early reflections and thoughts about the future on the latest episode of our official podcast ‘The Extra End’.Jon, who joined Bowls England on 1st June, speaks to Bowls International Editor, Sian Honnor, about his wish to involve everyone in the development of a strategy that takes our sport forwards.Jon also gives an insight into his background, what skills he brings to the role and the importance of what a home Commonwealth Games can bring to our sport.

Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Join Allan with Michael Johnson for more marking and umpiring chat. Mark is from New Zealand and has been playing umpiring since he was 14. He has officiated at Commonwealth and Works Championship events. He has also been an International Technical Officer as part of World Bowls and, alongside his umpiring out on the green, Michael is also a member of the Wellington Umpires Executive Committee and has previously tutored new umpires.

Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Join Allan with Mark Cowan for more marking and umpiring chat. Mark is from Australia and has been a multiple World Championship and Commonwealth Games Technical Official and was, until recently, National Training Centre Coach for Victoria and Tasmania

Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Join Allan, this time on Zoom, presenting a Q&A with ITO (International Technical Official) and WBT (World Bowls Tour) colleague Dan Bluett talking all things bowls.

THE EXTRA END – Bowls England Official Podcast | Episode 6 – Amy Gowshall

Amy Gowshall has represented England all over the world, winning medals at World Championships and Commonwealth Games. Amy is the next guest on ‘The Extra End’ and discusses her experiences in the sport, whilst combining this with the challenges involved with family life and as a full-time teacher with Bowls International Editor Sian Honnor.

Q&A with Allan Thornhill

Allan held another Q&A session on 6th June. This time technology wasn’t kind and so Allan has recorded the following which covered the main points.

On Saturday 6th June, I did a Live Q&A session. Unfortunately, technology let me down a little and the first part of the stream was not great and had to be aborted.So you don’t miss out on the discussion, I have recorded the first part to cover the main topics areas. Individual questions that were answered from your live comments can be found on the live stream that is posted on my timeline.My apologies for the aborted live stream hopefully this will make up for it.

Posted by Allan Thornhill on Sunday, 7 June 2020

Bowls England – Coaching Q&A

This is Coach Bowls‘ first Q&A session, which features involvement from Bowls England’s High Performance Director John Mc Guinness, four-time Commonwealth Games medalist Ellen Falkner, most-capped international John Rednall and Director of Coaching Mal Evans.

It lasts 70 minutes but it has some interesting points to make from the way you warm up through the technique of delivery to how to change your shot, and many more things.

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