Well, Finals Weekend was a little slimmer than in previous years. Due to the events of the year we were reduced to the final games of the Covid Challenge and the Men’s and Ladies Championship.

The final round of the Covid Challenge was contested between Ian Barton, Chris Blake, Reg Muldoon and Alan Tregoning.
The winner was – Ian Barton

The Men’s Championship was contested between Ian Barton and Chris Blake.
The winner was – Chris Blake

The Ladies Championship was contested between Trish Barton and Sue Wilkins.
The winner was – Trish Barton

Well done to everybody who competed and gave us a a good 6 hours of bowls. There was a good crowd to enjoy the bowls, the beer and the companionship. Let’s hope that things can get back to normal (or a new normal) and that we can continue where we left off in 2019 and compete on many fronts and enjoy some good friendly bowls too.